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Contribution to the commons

Contribution to the source code

Join the developers community

Originally developed in the European OASIS project by French companies Atol C&D and Smile, the code of Ozwillo infrastructure is released as open source, open to contribution for the creation of a digital commons

  • The source code is available on GitHub
  • The source code is released under AGPL v3 license, libraries available to developers are published under LGPL v3 license
  • Contributions are assessed and validated by Ozwillo association with the support of Atol C&D and Smile companies
  • See the contributive license agreement that guarantees the free use of the code and its maintenance in open source
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Contribution on data

Participate to the enrichment of a commons of data and their models
  • You hold business data, repositories that you want shared and reused, become a data provider by publishing your datasets on the Ozwillo Open Data platform, we will value them in Linked Data accessible via API
  • Contributing with new datasets, you also participate in the enrichment of data models
  • All created or proposed data models are published on the Ozwillo platform of Open Data under free license
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Contribution to the governance

Become part of the governance of a digital commons

The governance of these commons is open and represent the whole civil society (a collective of public and private organizations and individuals) allowing everyone to preserve its freedom, independance, and to contribute to the enrichment of this digital patrimony

See the governance